Patricia Ruiz - PhD Student


Patricia Ruiz obtained her Master degree in Telecommunication from University of Malaga, Spain. She is now working toward the PhD degree at University of Luxembourg under the supervision of Prof. Pascal Bouvry. Her research focuses on using cross-layer schemes to optimize communication in VANETs

VANETs are attracting the attention of many researchers, companies and governmental institutions as they can perform crucial functions in road safety. One of the most fundamental tasks in VANETs is spreading a message through the network alerting devices of a danger ahead. Therefore, we are focusing on the development of broadcasting protocols over such kind of highly fluctuant environments using different kind of topologies like neighbor based, tree based, etc.

Current networks usually have a layered architecture, in which protocols at each layer handle different communication tasks causing transparency from one layer to others, and modularity. This kind of structures benefit from generality and independency but lacks of efficiency. For optimizing algorithms, specially when dealing with wireless networks whose physical channel varies over time and space and suffers from interference, fading, etc., these aspects must be taken into account. Hence, we are also working on cross-layer schemes for developing communication protocols where layers exchange information in order to improve their performance.


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