Dr. Yoann Pigné - FNR PostDoc (SnT)


Yoann Pigné research lies in the construction and the maintaining of structures in dynamic graphs. Such a structure—paths, groups of nodes/edges, sub-graphs—have a property in the graph like a shortest path or a tree for instance. Dynamic graphs imply to try to maintain properties of these structures in modifying/updating them when evolving. This paradigm is used to model artificial and natural environments of which structures change with time.

Mobile ad hoc networks (MANET) are such kind of dynamic environments that can be modeled and simulated with dynamic graphs. The solving of communication problems in MANET may be reduced to problems of construction and maintaining of structures.

Moreover MANET are decentralized environments and need to be addressed with distributed approaches. Swarm Intelligence such as ant based algorithms belong to the family of distributed computing. They fit MANET properties and reveal to be efficient at constructing and maintaining stuctures.

Dr Pigné has been using such algorithms to address the problem of finding and maintaining short and robust communication path in a MANET. Another problem he addressed is the construction and the maintaining of a self stabilizing spanning forest in a MANET.


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