PCO Group's Yearly Meeting 2009


Sébastien Varrette
CSC Team Meeting
Marek Ostasewski
Search and Research: Adventures in the realm of Domains
Johnatan Pecero
Scheduling with uncertainties (disturbances) on new computing platforms
Bernabé Dorronsoro
A Study of Differential Evolution Algorithms with Different Population Schemes
Frédéric Pinel
GA and CA on GPU
Malika Mehdi
Parallel Hybrid Optimization for permutation-based problems on computational grids
Marcin Seredynski
Soft security issues in networking: reliability trust for cooperation
Grégoire Danoy
VANETs, GAs for spacecraft trajectory and MANET topology control optimization
Patricia Ruiz
Julien Schleich
Quality metrics for CDS-based virtual backbones in mobile environment
Apivaee Piyatumrong
Spanning Forest: A Backbone in Mobile Ad-Hoc DTNs
Guillaume-Jean Herbiet
SHARC: Distributed Community Detection using a Neighborhood Similarity Measure
Yoann Pigné
From structures in graphs to realistic MANET models
Thomas Schaberreiter
Risk Prediction and Interdependency Modeling in Interdependent Critical Infrastructures