PCO Group's Yearly Meeting 2011


Sébastien Varrette
Distributed and High Performance Computing (Security, Performance evaluation and Management)
Benoit Bertholon
Tamper-proof hardware and Obfuscation Techniques
Jakub Muszynski
Integrity issues on the cloud
Hyacinthe Cartiaux
GForge Administration
Xavier Besseron
Fault Tolerance in High Performance Computing
Johantan Pecero
Scheduling, Load Balancing and Resource Allocation for GreenIT and Cloud
Mateusz Guzek
Holistic autonomic Energy and thermal aware Resource Allocation in cloud computing
Alexandru-Adrian Tantar Dynamic Energy-Efficient Optimization
Emilia Tantar
Performance gurantees and reliability in
multi-objective optimization
Bernabe Dorronsoro
Advanced Population-Based Metaheuristics for Real-World Problems Optimisation
Grégoire Danoy
Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks and Optimisation
Sune S. Nielsen
Decision-theoretic Fine Tuning of Multiobjective
Co-Evolutionary Algorithms
Marcin Seredynski
Vehicular-based Cooperative Traffic Information Systems
Agata Grzybek
Community-based Vehicular Network
for Traffic Information in Luxembourg
Juan Luis Jimenez Laredo Peer-to-Peer Evolutionary Computation
Jianguo Ding
Autonomic Security Management in Dynamic Networks
Apostolos Stathakis Satellite Payload Reconfiguration Opimization
Frederic Pinel