Current and Past Research Projects

Funding Authority
PRACE-6IP 2019-2021 H2020
HUNTED 2018-2021 ONRG (US Navy)
Technical Standardisation and Digital Trust in Smart ICT 2017-2021 ILNAS / UL-SnT
ASIMUT 2015-2017 EDA ICET2- European Defense Agency
IShOP 2014-2017 FNR - INTER-POLLUX Programme
EcoCloud 2013-2015 FNR - CORE Programme
Supernode 2 2012-2014 Luxembourg Ministry of Economy and Foregin Trade
Green@Cloud 2012-2016 FNR - INTER and CNRS
EvoPerf: Evolutionary Computing and Performance Guarantees 2011-2015 University of Luxembourg
DHMPC: Discrete Particle Method & High Performance computing 2012-2014 University of Luxembourg
GreenIT: EnerGy-efficient REsourcE AllocatioN in AutonomIc Cloud CompuTing
2010-2012 FNR - Core Programme
WiSafeCar: Wireless traffic Safety network between Cars 2009-2012 Eureka Celtic
TITAN: Trust-Assurance for Critical Infrastructure in Multi-Agents Environments 2009-2010 FNR - Core Programme
EvoSec: Evolutionary Computing for Security and Reliability
2008-2010 University of Luxembourg
SIM: Secure Identity management 2005-2008 FNR - SECOM Programme
Tesegrad: Security for Grid and Ad-Hoc Networks 2005-2008 FNR - SECOM Programme
EvoBusiness 2004-2007 University of Luxembourg
Soni: Self Organizing Network Infrastructure 2003-2006 University of Luxembourg