Since its inception, the PCO group of the University of Luxembourg has obtained numerous projects in strategic domains such as :

  • Ad-hoc networks
  • ICT technologies
  • Optimisation and Artifical Intelligence
  • High Performance Computing
PCOG's projects

Current research projects

The ADARS project

The Automating the Design of Autonomous Robot Swarms project proposes a unique approach to automatically generate behaviours for distributed aerospace and space systems (DASS) thanks to a cross-fertilisation between multi-objective optimisation and machine learning techniques.

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The HUNTED project

The “Heterogeneous multi-swarms of UNmanned auTonomous systEms for mission Deployment” aims at designing a novel generation of mobility models for heterogeneous multi-swarms of Unmanned Autonomous Systems (UAS) for surveillance and tracking of imminent threats

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The STAIRS project

The research project “Sustainable and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence Recommitment System (STAIRS)” will use the capacities of the High Performance Computing (HPC) centre to develop a robust and reliable guidance system in Private Equity.

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PRACE, the Partnership for Advanced Computing is the permanent pan-European High Performance Computing service providing world-class systems for world-class science.Currently PRACE is finalizing the transition to PRACE 2, the successor of the initial five year period.

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The university of Luxembourg(UL) and the the Institut luxembourgeois de la normalisation, de l’accréditation, de la sécurité et qualité des produits et services(ILNAS) entered a partnership to jointly develop Luxembourg as a European centre of excellence and innovation for secure, reliable, and trustworthy Smart ICT systems and services.

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Current TTO projects

The SIMMS project

SIMMS brings swarming intelligence to off the shelf drones or other types of robots.

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